Meet the Doctor

Dr. Lee Morgan took a roundabout path to a veterinary career. Growing up by Ohio farmland, he wanted to major in something exotic when he went to Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland for his undergraduate degree.

Marine biology fit the bill. As a sophomore, he landed an internship studying language acquisition in dolphins and spent eight months in Hawaii. That led to a job after graduation training dolphins and sea lions for summertime shows and working with the animals in Mississippi during the off-season. This, in turn, led to a master’s degree in marine science at the College of William and Mary in Virginia. During his master’s research, he crossed paths frequently with a veterinarian who worked with sea creatures and maintained a typical small-animal practice.

Working with this veterinarian, who had this huge base of knowledge while being able to treat dogs, cats, horses, sea turtles, dolphins, etc., had a profound impact on his career path which inspired him to attend veterinary school at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

After graduation in 1996, he worked several years for two animal hospitals in the Washington area before obtaining his own practice.

Most of Dr. Morgan’s patients are of the traditional house pet variety. His volunteer work includes providing veterinary care for dogs being trained as service animals for the blind, raising money to provide a mobile clinic for the police dogs that are injured while on duty and serving as one of the veterinarians for the Iditarod. His volunteer service is fueled by his belief that animals are vital to people’s lives and well-being.

Early in his career as an intern while working at a large clinic he encountered an elderly gentleman with a very ill cat. Dr. Morgan worried that the man may not be able or unwilling to pay for the long list of treatments. He shared his fears with a veteran Doctor of the clinic who quietly informed him that the man was a frequent client who would surely save the cat, no matter the cost.

The veteran Doctor explained to Dr. Morgan that the client had been in a concentration camp during WWII. While in the camp, this client had befriended a stray cat, keeping it alive by feeding it any stray morsels he could find. “He credited that cat with saving his life, because it gave him humanity and something to focus on and he took a pledge that he would take care of any cat that came into his life” says Dr. Morgan.

That man helped convince Dr. Morgan that his life was on the right course.

Dr. Morgan currently resides in Gaithersburg, MD with his wife Kris and son Spencer Morgan.

Our staff has established a reputation for high quality medicine, compassionate care, and forming a lasting bond with our patients, clients, and the community. And the team has resulted to work and provide better services in which the hospital tops in the care and service they provided in those region.